Vol. 11, No. 4 (November 1998) 191-196   

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M. Jain
Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology
Hauz Khas, New Dehli-110016, India
C.J. Singh
Department of Mathematics
Govt. P. G. College
Rishikesh, India

Abstract    In this paper we report on a study of a two level preemptive priority queue with balking and reneging for lower priority level. The inter-arrival and the service times for both levels follow exponential distribution. We use a finite difference equation approach for solving the balance equations of the governing queuing model whose states are described by functions of one independent variable. Hence the balance equations may be viewed as a set of simultaneous difference equations and can be solved by using appropriate techniques.


Keywords    Queue, Balance Equation, Balking, Reneging, Priority Queue, Markovian Queue



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