Vol. 12, No. 4 (November 1999) 271-276   

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M. Jain
Department of Mathematics, IIT
Hauz Khas, New Dehli-16, India

 R. P. Ghimire
Department of Mathematics, S. N. Multiple Campus
Mathendra Nagar, Nepal
( Received: August 01, 1997 – Accepted in Revised Form: April 08, 1999 )

Abstract    This investigation deals with M/M/R/N machine repair problem with R non-reliable service stations which are subjected to unpredictable breakdown. 1here is provision of an additional server to reduce backlog in the case of heavy load of failed machines. 1he permanent service stations repair the failed machines at an identical rate m and switch to faster repair rate when all service stations are busy. By using matrix geometric theory, the formulae for obtaining the optimal number of service stations is derived.


Keywords    Machine-repair, Markov Queue, Non-reliable, Server Breakdown, Additional Server, Matrix Geometric



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