IJE TRANSACTIONS B: Applications Vol. 17, No. 2 (July 2004) 171-182   

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Madhu Jain, Rakhee and Sandhya Maheshwari

Department of Mathematics, Institute of Basic Science
Khandari, Agra-282002, India, madhujain@sancharnet.in
madhuj_2001@yahoo.com - chaya-rakhee@yahoo.com - imsandya2001@yahoo.com
( Received: October 25, 2002 – Accepted in Revised Form: June 10, 2004 )

Abstract    This investigation deals with the transient analysis of the machine repair system consisting of M-operating units operating under the care of single repairman. To improve the system reliability/availability, Y warm standby and S cold standby units are provided to replace the failed units. In case when all spares are being used, the failure of units occurs in degraded fashion. In such situation there is a facility of one additional repairman to speed up the repair. The lifetime and repair time of units are exponentially distributed. We use matrix method to solve the governing Chapman-Kolmogorov equations. Expressions for the system reliability, availability, mean time to system failure, etc. are established in terms of transient probability. Computational scheme is discussed to facilitate the numerical results. Sensitivity analysis is also carried out to depict the effect of various parameters on the system reliability.


Keywords    Machine Repair, Warm Standby, Cold Standby, Degraded, Additional Repairman, Mean Time to Failure (MTTF), Reliability, Availability



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