Vol. 9, No. 2 (May 1996) 53-59   

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M. Siadi-Mehrabad
Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Science & Technology
Tehran, Iran

Abstract    The objective of this research is to develop a turbine blade investment casting cost advisor model to assist a blade designer in decision-making in a concurrent engineering environment. It is a microcomputer based cost estimating system that employs a manufacturing knowledge base. The concept of the manufacturing process for blade production by the investment casting method is used to develop the model, which is suitable for implementation in the concurrent engineering environment. The program will aid the blade designer in examining the design with respect to manufacturing cost. This approach considers the feasibility of manufacturing design at the early design stage to reduce the manufacturing and engineering costs. The system was tested during at trial run. The results indicate that this model could provide a substantial improvement in production cost.


Keywords    Turbine Blade, Investment Casting, Cost Estimating, Concurrent Engineering



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